Could it ever happen that a new Juliet, in a not remote future, could love an "electronic", cyber Romeo? Probably not, but this time, anyway, Romeo and Juliet won' t my Juliet, Sandra.

Download Romeo

You can download this program from TUCOWS, which may be faster at some times. This application may also be found at, an official distribution and support online resource for future updates. You can read the ChangeLog here. Below is a list of all files of the project:

Download Required Software

Below is a list of all required software. Read the documentation for more detailed info.

Download Add-ons

Below is a list of useful add-ons: place files *.DAT (unzipped) in the same directory as your MAME executable; HISCORE.DAT contains highscore saving and loading information for games that didn't actually have highscore saving and loading in the arcades; CATVER.INI contains Category and Version Information for Mame. Logo
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